Other Weapons is seeking strippers for a new series of limited run photo zines. We invite you to sift through and share your strip club photographs and ephemera as an exercise to reflect on your time and work at the club; the aura, the people, the pain, and the unforeseen pleasure of this deep world. What has surfaced in the ocean of your mind and body since your club was forced to close since the pandemic? For those of us who may never return: What is your ode to those rooms? What is your final hex?

The content and form is open to you. We will support and collaborate as much as you would like. We can help to edit, format, and design your book, as well as produce a run of 30 zines. We will host the books in our online store, at a price you name. Any money beyond printing and shipping will be yours to keep or sent to a fund of your choosing. The books are yours to freely reproduce after our initial run.

For this round of open calls, we will address author payment with the specifics of each project. If the submission will be sold in our store upon publication, we will give the money generated beyond the cost of printing to the author directly. If it is not something that will be sold, or the author wants it to be available online for free, we will work with the author or artist to provide money based on what what they need to be supported in their work. The money we are able to offer will be agreed upon and determined before we move forward with publishing.

At OW we generate money by selling merchandise and through the sales of publications. All the money we generate is distributed to autonomous sex worker organizing, various cashapps, bail funds, commissaries, and directly to sex workers in need. Groups we have sent money to recently include Whose Corner is it Anyway, Answer Detroit, Bimbos, Cleveland SW fund, GLITS, CDMX street worker solidarity group, Lysistrata, Black and Pink, and SWOP behind bars. As this is a rolling submission period, we will be continuously fundraising and adding to our pool of funds in an effort to always provide cash support to both contributors and other sex workers.

We are accepting inquiries/ submissions on a rolling basis.

Email a message of interest and a few photographs to